Any agreement made to engage with any services of David Howard lighting (David Howard)are subject to these conditions:

All Quotes valid from 15 days of creation unless otherwise stated.

All quotes are for a fee of work, any expenses incurred in undertaking this work for example, but not limited to (Travel, Accommodation, Sustenance when working away from place of business, will be charged forward and added to the final invoice. We endeavor to make these charges clear within the quote itself, but extenuating situations may make this impossible (example, work finishing beyond agreed hours and replacement transport needing to be booked)

All intellectual property including design, concept, artwork and any other product remains property of the creator unless explicitly stated and a “rights of design” or similar contract is drawn by the creator and signed by both parties.

All invoices are to be paid within 30 days or the unpaid invoice is voided, and a new invoice for the total value plus nominal fee of £40 is added on day 31 and shall be paid in 5 working days. Invoices unpaid after this time will incur legal action.

Administration time spent chasing outstanding invoices will also be charged at an hourly rate, including any debt recovery costs. the right is reserved to suspend services on projects where accounts are outstanding after this period.

All work is to be agreed in advance of undertaking said work. Work expected to be delivered above and beyond what is agreed shall be agreed in writing and a cost agreed before taking place.